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          Talent Development
          Training and profession development

          Talent development is the key for company’s continuous development. Talent will develop through selection, training and working experience. The company demands managers in every level to guide and teach talents to develop on their own and also to encourage recommendations of people outside the firm to join the company. It is managers’ duty to teach and guide their successors.   

          The company encourages employees to study on their own. In addition, it will create opportunities for employees to study and to improve their specialty. The company, after employees join the company, will provide multiple-level trainings to help those new employees to get used to the culture of the company and the required specialty at their own jobs. 

          Trainee-development program is intended to provide company with more future talents who are capable of working and managing the company in future competitions. This program will provide a special force for company in 3-5 years. The company can count on this program for better future. 

          The salary and remuneration will reward employees who devote themselves to the company. In addition, the company will always put the company’s long-term benefits over short-term or personal benefits, in order to balance the benefits among shareholders, customers and employees. 

          The company has provided three types of remunerations: basic salary, evaluated salary (based on personal performance) and performance salary (based on the performance of the whole company)

          The company has provided several welfare activities: insurance including medical, unemployment and labor; accumulated fund for employees; Annual holidays, group travel and all other activities aiming for recreational purposes.