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                Shanshan Technology (Lithium-ion battery) anode-material industry includes Shanghai Shanshan Tech Co., Ltd., Ningbo Shanshan New Material Tech Co., Ltd. , Chenzhou Shanshan New Material Co., Ltd. ,Huzhou Chuangya Power Battery Material Co., Ltd. and Fujian Shanshan Tech Co., Ltd.. The whole industry contains total asset size of more than one billion RMB, with annual production capability of 60000 tons at the end of 2017. 
                Being the domestic first high-tech enterprise which specializes in R&D, production and sales of Lithium-ion battery anode materials, after more than a decade of development, the company has greatly expanded its product structure from MCMB to diversified product structure of five series of more than 30 kinds of products, including MCMB, natural graphite, artificial graphite, composite graphite and other anode materials (soft-carbon, hard-carbon,LTO and alloy materials). These products have been widely applied to middle and high-end fields of Lithium-ion energy storage battery. 
              The company possesses a high-quality and well-experienced R&D technical team, with the support from national post-doctoral workstation and the scientific research platform provided by the technical center of enterprise, now we have 60 inventive technologies obtained national patents authorization and more than 180 invention patents are in progress. The key technical indicators have reached international advanced level. Therefore, the company has promoted the development of lithium-ion battery industry in China and obtained predominant social and economic benefits. 
                Ever since its establishment, the company has been continuously devoting itself to R&D in the field of Lithium-ion battery anode materials. Regarding “Material push energy revolution” as our mission, we will try our best to promote the popularity and influence of enterprise in the lithium-ion battery industry of the world and build the world brand of ”Shanshan Tech anode material”.