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          ChenzhouShanshan New Material Co., Ltd.

                  Chenzhou Shanshan New Material Co., Ltd. was established in July, 2009, with an area of 100 mu. It was the domestic first enterprise Which specializes in Lithium-ion battery anode material  graphitization. The registered capital was 50 million RMBand the investment was 100 million RMB. 
                  Chenzhou Shanshan belongs to Shanshan Tech ,depending on mature production technology of Lithium-ion battery anode materials from Shanghai Shanshan Tech and production process requirements for high performance Lithium-ion battery anode materials, especially comprehensive and professional knowledge of high-temperature graphitization process. Chenzhou Shanshan is a first enterprise in China which owns complete production line of Lithium-ion battery anode material graphitization uniquely. Chenzhou Shanshan aspires to be the most professional processing and production base for Lithium-ion battery anode material and R&D base for new graphitization technology in the world.